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Anxiety and Depression

Struggling with feelings of anxiety and/or depression? Out of touch with the person you know yourself to be and wanting to find meaning in your life? Are excessive worrying and ongoing feelings of fear keeping you from doing what matters most to you? Effective counselling and therapy interventions can help you let go of the struggle and live fully once again. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, apprehension, or fear that is long lasting. It may be considered as preoccupation about the future, and may be characterised by worrisome thoughts and strong, uncomfortable feelings that may be panic related. Anxiety can range from mild discomfort to more severe panic attacks and disorders.

What is depression?

While anxiety is future-oriented, depression is oriented in the past. It is a common mood disorder that is characterised by feelings of sadness, a depleted sense of self-worth, lack of energy, loss of interest or pleasure - to name just a few symptoms - and may result in loss of appetite, sleep, and overall enjoyment in life. While most of us experience this from time to time, for shorter lengths of time, moderate to severe cases of depression require professional treatment.  


How can you help me?

Both anxiety and depression can be seriously debilitating to the individual as moderate to severe cases can interfere with one's daily functioning.

Given that an individual experiencing anxiety worries about the future and an individual experiencing depression ruminates about the past, mindfulness - which is essentially the practice of awareness in the present moment - has been proven effective with treating anxiety and depression in individuals. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - a mindfulness-based therapy - Ego State Therapy, and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (AAP) are also effective treatment approaches that may be integrated into a therapeutic framework that is tailored uniquely for every individual. I meet you at whatever stage of change you are at and collaborate with you to make effective and realistic goals that meet your individualised needs so you may lead a life that is valued and meaningful.

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