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Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Do you like dogs? Are you aware of the healing abilities of animals? Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) incorporates human-animal interactions into a formal therapeutic process. AAT has been researched to be effective with a wide range of presenting issues and, as an option to the counselling and therapy process, is available to support you.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)?

Animal Assisted Psychotherapy (AAT) incorporates human-animal interactions into a formal therapeutic process. As an addition to existing therapy, AAT uses the human-animal bond in client-centred, goal-directed interventions in the counselling and therapy process and is largely guided by the counsellor's professional style of therapy. 


I adopt a non-directive, person-centred, solution-focused integrative framework, which means that your initiated interactions with the therapy pet practitioner ultimately guide the therapeutic process and are supported by other therapeutic methods.

Meet Little Gherkin
"Gherki" the therapy pet practitioner
Little Gherkin (or Gherki for short) is my dog who has a natural ability to help and heal others. He is a mixed breed mini poodle who has travelled with me from California to Australia (where he has been professionally trained and assessed by government recognised training facilities), and who now enjoys working with me to provide AAT for clients in the counselling and therapy space. 
How can AAT help me?

Much research has been done to demonstrate the effectiveness of the work of animals in the healing processes of people of all ages. AAT is effective to help with (including, but not limited to):


Acceptance and mindfulness


Confidence and self-esteem

Conflict management


Distress tolerance

Emotional regulation

Healthy relationships

Increase motivation

Pain and stress management

Physical issues and ailments (e.g. reduction of blood pressure)


Social skills (e.g. assertiveness and boundaries)



In a non-judgmental, non-coercive environment, you may opt to engage in AAT as an adjunct to the counselling and therapy process. With AAT integrated with other counselling and therapy methods, I collaborate with you to make effective and realistic goals that meet your individualised needs so you may lead a life that is valued and meaningful.​​


Recommended AAT resources (click on the link below):

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