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Relationship Therapy

Are you struggling to make your relationship work? Are you trying to find the meaning of yourself within the dynamic of your relationship? Do you feel you are already in a healthy relationship, and would like to enhance it? Imago is a popular and effective therapeutic approach to help strengthen the bond of your relationship.

What is Relationship Therapy?

"We often think that when we have completed our study of 'one' we know all about 'two' becuase 'two' is 'one and one'. We forget that we still have to make a study of 'and'." - A. Eddington


Did you know that 80% of our frustrations with our partner are rooted in the past; 20% actually exist in the present? It is usually these old wounds that our partners trigger in us, and lead us into unproductive conflict. Through relationship therapy and dialogue, old wounds buried in the unconscious are raised into awareness so that they may be worked with and healed, and so the relationship - and the individuals within - can move towards wholeness.  


The aim of dialoguing is to invite the different experiences of the 'other' to just be, rather than struggle with the fear that if the other is right, then you must be wrong. It is often this struggle that keeps us in conflict, when in fact, acknowledging that two seemingly different 'truths' can co-exist is what helps us let go of our defenses and allow us to heal. In this therapeutic process, the relationship is the primary focus. 


The dialogue process helps couples heal, communicate, and transform. As a facilitator of this process, I help to provide a safe, contained space in which couples may share their deepest needs, wants, and concerns in a way that promotes listening and understanding. 

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